The 2022 edition of the conference had an an exciting programme with more than 160 presentations by experts and leaders from policy, technology and research. You can download the programme by pressing the button below.

Here is a quick overview of the programme (subject to change). This is only a summary. The full version of the programme will be available for download shortly.

Wednesday 18 January

Opening session – Frontiers of science and technology
Chairs: John Olav Tande, SINTEF and Trond Kvamsdal, NTNU
09.00Opening by Chair
09.15Welcome by State Secretary Elisabeth Sæther
09.30Global offshore wind market status and outlook, Jon Dugstad, Director Wind & Solar, Norwegian Energy Partners (TBC)
09.45International collaboration within offshore wind research, Ignacio Martí, EERA JP Wind
10.00Floating wind technology, Finn Gunnar Nielsen, UiB
10.15Large-scale integration of offshore wind, Hannele Holtinen, Recognis
10.45The North Sea energy hub, Henriette Undrum, Equinor
11.00Researcher training, Charlotte Bay Hasager, DTU
11.10Roel May, NINA
11.20Alexandra Bech Gjørv, SINTEF
11.30Panel debate: The accelerated development of offshore wind is vital to reach climate goals and to secure the future energy supply, but we must ensure that the development is done in the right way. How will we do this, and how can research contribute?
11.55Closing by chair
Parallel sessions
1A) New turbine and generator technology
Chairs: Valentin Chaubaud, SINTEF, and Gerard van Bussel, TU Delft
1B) Met-ocean conditions
Chairs: Joachim Reuder, UiB, and Etienne Cheynet, UiB
1C) Experimental testing and validation
Chairs: Tor Anders Nygaard, IFE, Ole David Økland, SINTEF, and Amy Robertson, NREL
15.052A) New turbine and generator technology (cont.)2B) Met-ocean conditions (cont.) 2C) Experimental testing and validation (cont.)
17.00Conference reception
Thursday 19 January
3A) Grid connection and power system integration
Chairs: Kjetil Uhlen, NTNU and Olimpo Anaya-Lara, University of Strathclyde
3B) Substructures and mooring
Chairs: Arno van Wingerde, Fraunhofer and Michael Muskulus, NTNU
3C) Side event: EU calls
10.504A) Grid connection and power system intergration (cont.)4B) Substructures and mooring (cont.)4C) Side event: PhD LIKE network
13.005A) Wind farm optimisation
Chairs: Yngve Heggelund, NORCE and Henrik Bredmose, DTU
5B) Environmental impact and regulatory framework
Chairs: Roel May, NINA, Dorothy Dankel, SINTEF, Catherine Banet, UiO, Lena Kitzing, DTU
5C) Side event: PhD LIKE network (cont.)
15.006A) Wind farm optimisation (cont.)6B) Wind farm control
Chairs: Konstanze Kölle, SINTEF and Paul McKeever, ORE Catapult
6C) Marine operations and logistics
Chairs: Henning Braaten, SINTEF and TBC
17.00Poster sessions and refreshments
19.00Conference banquet
Friday 20 January
7A) Societal impact and controversies
Chairs: Yngve Heggelund, NORCE and Henrik Bredmose, DTU
7B) Operation and maintenance
Chairs: Tor Anders Nygaard, IFE, Ole David Økland, SINTEF and Amy Robertson, NREL
7C) Side event: XROTOR (09:00-11:30)
11.00 Closing session – Strategic outlook
Chairs: John Olav Tande, SINTEF and Michael Muskulus, NTNU
12.00Poster award and closing
12.30Lunch & end of conference