EERA DeepWind wishes to recognise outstanding contributions to offshore wind research, and to the conference itself, through its awards. The EERA DeepWind Science and Inovation Award was given for the very first time in 2023, on the occasion of the 20th edition of the conference. Poster awards are also given every year, for Best content and Best communication.

Science and Innovation Award

Finn Gunnar Nielsen, professor at UiB and Head of Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW), is awarded the very first EERA DeepWind Science and Innovation Award. The prize recognises the efforts of researchers who have made an outstanding contribution to offshore floating wind technology. Finn Gunnar Nielsen participated in the very first DeepWind conference, in 2004, and was central to the success of the research and development leading to the very first full-scale floating wind turbine, Hywind Demo.

Finn Gunnar Nielsen, professor at UiB and Head of Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW) – and winner of the EERA DeepWind Science and Innovation Award.

Special recognition

The 20th edition of the conference was also the occasion to give special recognition to some of the people working to make EERA DeepWind a success. Thanks were given to the session chairs, who review abstracts before the conference, and host the scientific sessions during the event, and review the scientific papers submitted for publication in the Journal of Physics – Conference series.

The session chairs of EERA DeepWind: Yngve Heggelund, NORCE; Arno van Wingerde, Fraunhofer; Jonas Kaczenski, Fraunhofer; Henning Braaten, SINTEF; Olimpo Anaya-Lara, University of Strathclyde; Iver B. Sperstad, SINTEF; Michael Muskulus, NTNU; Rita V. D’Oliveira Bouman, SINTEF; Trond Kvamsdal, NTNU; Paul McKeever, ORE Catapult; Henrik Bredmose, DTU; Ole David Økland, SINTEF; Etienne Cheynet, University of Bergen; Gerard van Bussel, TU Delft; Joachim Reuder, University of Bergen; Roel May, NINA; Lena Kitzing, DTU; Elin Halvorsen-Weare, SINTEF; Konstanze Kölle, SINTEF; Dorothy Dankel, SINTEF; John Olav Tande, SINTEF; Amy Robertson, NREL; Valentin Chabaud, SINTEF. Not present for the photo: Kjetil Uhlen, NTNU; Catherine Banet, University of Oslo; Tor Anders Nygaard, IFE.

Randi Aukan (SINTEF) and Debbie Koreman van den Bergh (NTNU), who have been part of organisation of the conference for many years, were also thanked publicly for their efforts.

Left to right: Michael Musculus, EERA DeepWind co-chair; Randi Aukan EERA DeepWind project coordinator; Debbie Koreman van den Bergh, EERA DeepWind project coordinator; Trond Kvamsdal, EERA DeepWind co-chair; John Olav Tande, EERA DeepWind co-chair.

Poster awards

There are poster awards for best content and best presentation. The winners will be announced during the closing session of the conference. The selection will be done by a review committee. The committee will consider relevance, originality, scientific content and presentation. The award on best content is selected among the posters that are accompanied with a full paper, whereas the award on presentation is open for all posters.

Poster award winners:


  • Kayacan Kestel, from Vrije Universiteit Brussel: Best Content
    Experimental investigation of the relation between operating conditions and offshore wind turbine drivetrain dynamics.
  • Fabio Pierella, from DTU Wind Energy: Best Presentation
    Efficient numerical modeling for analysis and design of ultra large floating wind turbines (EMULF2)
  • Ivana Lapšanská, from Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung: Best Presentation
    Thermographic detection of leading-edge erosion and AI-based image processing